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Engineers Without Borders Israel (EWB-IL) is an NGO hwo works to promote the quality of life in Israel and developing communities around the world through international and local sustainable engineering projects.

EWB-IL is a branch of an international non profit organization that also cooperating with other groups and organizations in Israel and abroad.


about us

The organization promotes collaborations to improve the quality of life of developing communities around the world through education and implementation of sustainable engineering projects

EWB is an umbrella organization with groups operating in more than 40 countries. With more than 15,000 volunteers worldwide

The projects are carried out by teams of students and engineering professionals, and are accompanied by mentors from across the entire academic field

The solutions offered have a huge impact on the quality of life of people in developing communities all over the world

 Our projects (like the solar system project for the Nakitie regional clinic seen in the movie) are carried out by teams of volunteers who belive they can makr a change. with your charity, they will!



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Tikkun Olam:

your support  will allow us to continue helping  others and make a difference 



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