our Efforts to Fight Covid-19 crisis

In this hour of need, EWB-IL is operating with full strength to support the efforts in fighting Coronavirus in Israel and abroad.

We need your support to expand our aid activities.   

EWB-IL respond to the need of more respiratory machines of the health system in Israel   

מערכת הנשמה קבוצת השמשוני

Project 1

EWB has joined an ad hoc venture set up by a leading team in the medical and engineering fields. The team devised a simple manufacturing system which in a short time could meet the needs for mass production of respiratory machines.

The venture is a non-profit, and the system developed is at a stage ahead of systemic approval by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Defense and initial production.

Active students at EWB Israel have taken on the responsibilities and joined the project team. EWB students will take part in the development and production process in its early stages, and will examine how the organization can assist in this urgent and necessary activity.

Along the way, we intend to virtually support the logistics needed for the medical staff in order to implement respiratory systems in hospitals throughout the country. When we can operate again without borders - we carry the project out to the communities of whom we are in touch with in the developing world.

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Project 2

A group of mechanical, materials, electrical, and

medical engineering students from Ben Gurion University have begun developing a prototype for a ventilator that can be manufactured cheaply and quickly, which can be divided into 3 parts: mechanics, integration, control of sensors, and user interface

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